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Nominate the Senior in your life, or someone you know. We will get in touch and tell them how they can be part of our cool social change project, ReGEnerate and also feature in our exhibition in September at FOTO FEST 2022 in  Hastings.

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Welcome to our next project #ReGenerate, in collaboration with Age Friendly Aotearoa

We have chosen to highlight our two known loneliest groups of people in our communities -our teens and seniors. Where these two groups of humans whose lives may never connect we are going to find ways to change this up . Then as always we will be there to document and tell the stories of these happenstance moments….

The images captured will form an exhibition and a celebration at the opening of the Hastings FOTO FEST late September. A complimentary framed portrait will also be gifted to each of those taking part in this project at this event.

Want to join us?

Feel like you can help create part of a social change through story telling ?
Then get in touch here

In collaboration with Napier City Council, Hastings District Council, and GreyPower Hawke's Bay.