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Foto iwi is a not-for-profit organisation, governed by a Board of Trustees with registered charitable status in New Zealand. 

Our Mission :To encourage creativity and belonging for young New Zealanders through digital media, photography and video. We offer a range of fun and creative holiday programmes and workshops for young creatives , mentoring and learning alongside programmes that also support the wider community through our social enterprise model.

It's more than just taking a photograph : 
Foto iwi has journeyed with more than 200 young people, all inspired to step out and show off their creative potential.
Our holiday programmes and workshops for young creatives encourage a mindful practice through photography, thinking through angles and composition, and proven to give skills that can help with stress and anxiety.
For our school based workshops with older students and youth( 16+)  we provide a career focussed workshop highlighting pathways around the importance of skills and learning in the creative workplace. This includes camera skills, editing and post production, now required for many roles within a creative industry such as :

  • Graphic designer

  • Magazine features editor.

  • Medical illustrator.

  • Press Photographer

  • Film editor

But also, out of these roles the understanding of basic photography skills, can be used within any role ( agriculture as an example with Drone work ) and be a valuable tool and skill to have for any employment opportunity.