We are hitting the city of Hastings on Thursday April 28th for 2 hours to hone our street photography skills and capture the city space, people and places around the city. Pick up 5 top tips such as composition , best camera settings, and finding the best shot on the day.
Mentored by the FOTO IWI Team, bring you camera or phone with you, we will start from Albert Square at 10:30am and return back there at 12:30pm.
Bring a snack, and your walking shoes, charged batteries and a clean memory card !
Charge is $25 per person and you can pay with your card from the PayPal link below the registration form.
PS If you are 14+ come along and hear about some of the cool things we have happening this year that you might like to get involved in. 
Get in touch with us if you have any questions here

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Terms and Conditions and Payment

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03 1369 0303911 -00 ( use first and last name as reference please)
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