" The Happy Bay News"  is a local newspaper managed by Foto iwi to provide creative career pathways for local youth bringing positive stories from the community to the community, from a youth perspective. 
Our first edition is due out in August and contributed to by a team  of 8 students  creating and providing  photographs through to illustration and design , editorial through to interviews providing new opportunities and challenges for our team.

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With thanks to our supporters and Hastings and Napier Creative Community Funding

From Mia- Foto iwi Media Team

"Working on the zine has been such an exciting and educational experience for me and everyone else involved. In the beginning, I had no idea what a zine was and the focus behind it. But being in the same boat with other inspired teenagers made me super comfortable and really enjoy everything that I did. When we first discussed jobs around the zine, my go-to was photography as I'm passionate about the subject, but after interviewing some people and writing about them, I really enjoyed that too. Overall, the whole process has been super fun.  

Shayne and Cath have been hugely supportive and encouraging which has helped me so much to feel like I really belong and my voice matters. So, a massive thank you to them. If the zine continues, I would totally like to be a part of it. This has been a great learning experience for me and I hope it is as successful as we would like it to be"

From Chris - Foto iwi Media Team

"Working with Shayne, Cath and the team has been an incredible experience Working together to create something as this, is both challenging and rewarding. Creating such a newspaper requires you to use skills not usually targeted in schools. Skills such as speaking/interviewing a stranger or managing time to meet deadlines, contribute to making you a well rounded individual.

Shayne and Cath are organised and kind. They do not act as teachers, but rather, they act as facilitators that give a helping hand when needed. They provide us with the resources we need to compile this awesome newspaper, all in a very enjoyable manner.

This project has been very enjoyable and challenging. It has certainly enabled me to utilise strengths I did not know I possessed. For that I am extremely grateful. I hope that I will be able to take part in the second publishing of the project.

Thank you very much you both for making this possible"

Celebrating the Hastings District Council Multicultural Strategy.

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