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" The Happy Bay News"  is a local newspaper managed by Foto iwi to provide creative career pathways for local youth bringing positive stories from the community to the community, from a youth perspective. 
Our first edition is out now  and contributed to by a team  of 10 local students creating and providing  photographs through to illustration and design , editorial through to interviews providing new creative  opportunities for each involved.

To find our more about The Happy Bay News please get in touch or to join our media team head here

With thanks to our supporters and Hastings and Napier Creative Community Funding

A Local Youth Led Project for Hawke's Bay

Working alongside our community leaders and change makers with a passionate group of teens  providing an opportunity to lead their own project sharing their viewpoints and stories on issues important to them through this publication .

Our goal through this partnership is to also support the work those in our community  are doing and through digital media the team "are able to  document, elevate, and celebrate their contributions.

Our vision is to provide opportunities through creative  vocational pathways, plus encourage our Youth to be active members in our communities.
The team may be interested in digital media, or just sharing ideas and being part of a conversation around design and planning .
All equipment is provided for each student to use, Cameras, laptops, Drone, software.

( We are grateful to the ongoing support of Napier and Hastings Creative Communities.) 


Sponsorship opportunities from like minded businesses supporting youth and community are welcome and invited. This would involve front cover promotion and / or advertorial coverage inside.

Publication Date : Spring Edition, September
Circulation ; 1000 copies Napier and Hastings community spaces, libraries, cafes.
Printed on eco friendly green paper and inks and also available on line with sponsorship of your business as a supporter featured.

Get in touch to discuss options - Shayne 021 813 877 or email

"Foto iwi ‘magazine is an ambitious project and a first for Hawke's Bay"

If you are aged 14-20 and keen to be involved get in touch !
We are looking for team members interested in graphic design, photography, illustration and art, written word, poetry, film, post production, or maybe you want to contribute your ideas and viewpoints to help provide direction and content .
Foto iwi will provide all the gear - you bring your enthusiasm!

How will all this come together ?
Here's a brief timeline.

Form the TEAM 
Weekly meetings as a group to plan and execute, reporting back between meetings, working to a finished print date.
Meetings will be around planning the content, creating the content,  interviews, photography and video , design and final printing, circulation and distribution across Hawke's Bay. 

Estimated timeline 6-8 weeks. You will need to be able to commit to attending each meeting (1 hour each week, zoom and as a team during the school break)

You can message on IG or complete the form below, we will be in touch with a first meeting time.


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Message Sent.

From Mia- Foto iwi Media Team

"Working on the zine has been such an exciting and educational experience for me and everyone else involved. In the beginning, I had no idea what a zine was and the focus behind it. But being in the same boat with other inspired teenagers made me super comfortable and really enjoy everything that I did. When we first discussed jobs around the zine, my go-to was photography as I'm passionate about the subject, but after interviewing some people and writing about them, I really enjoyed that too. Overall, the whole process has been super fun.  

Shayne and Cath have been hugely supportive and encouraging which has helped me so much to feel like I really belong and my voice matters. So, a massive thank you to them. If the zine continues, I would totally like to be a part of it. This has been a great learning experience for me and I hope it is as successful as we would like it to be"

From Chris - Foto iwi Media Team

"Working with Shayne, Cath and the team has been an incredible experience Working together to create something as this, is both challenging and rewarding. Creating such a newspaper requires you to use skills not usually targeted in schools. Skills such as speaking/interviewing a stranger or managing time to meet deadlines, contribute to making you a well rounded individual.

Shayne and Cath are organised and kind. They do not act as teachers, but rather, they act as facilitators that give a helping hand when needed. They provide us with the resources we need to compile this awesome newspaper, all in a very enjoyable manner.

This project has been very enjoyable and challenging. It has certainly enabled me to utilise strengths I did not know I possessed. For that I am extremely grateful. I hope that I will be able to take part in the second publishing of the project.

Thank you very much you both for making this possible"

Celebrating the Hastings District Council Multicultural Strategy.

Have an event you would like our media team to cover as part of FOTO IWI creative career pathways programme ?  Don't hesitate, get in touch here!