Foto iwi is a not for profit charitable trust established to help encourage and support  NZs young creatives through the visual arts.   
We believe that if we can support our young people  to explore creativity  they can be empowered to find their voice and share their own stories through photography and video.

 We have found that through our programmes this  can sometimes be the very  first time that our youth can feel  confident and reassured in their ability to feel inspired and to also  inspire others .
We are not only seeking those who already have an interest  for visual arts but those who may watching from the outskirts, be curious and keen to explore. 

The easiest way to reach out to youth is through school communities so we are hoping you will be interested to know more. 
Our dream is that the youth of small town NZ should  have the same opportunities as our big city teens so Foto iwi travels to you.  

We also know that often parents and schools budgets are stretched so as a charitable trust Foto iwi applies for funding so we can encourage and support a small group of youth from your school.
Our workshops are flexible and we have a range of creative programmes that can also be beneficial to your school. 

We like to fit the students ideas with schools days.  Some schools may offer our programme after school or during lunchtime some choose to make it part of their curriculum. 

If you or your students would be keen then we are happy to keep talking to make this happen. 

Our programme follows a 6 week timetable, encouraging students to think about their community and your school environment. It also includes an exhibition for the students to share their work with their peers and community, another positive way to further encourage each student. 
As we know Creativity encouraging mindfulness can allow for :
- Increased calm and resilience 
- Increased focus and attention 
- Enhanced self-awareness and conflict-resolution skills 
- Increased kindness, empathy, connection and pro-social behaviour 
- Statistically significant increases in emotional and general wellbeing

We believe in Foto iwi and young creatives , we look forward to hearting from you.