Cornwall Park Wednesday July 21st 10:30am-12:30pm

Come join us at Cornwall Park for a 2 hour nature excursion, seeking out the textures and patterns found in Cornwall Park. Take part in a Nature Photo Scavenger hunt and enter your best photo in our " FLASH TRASH" photo project.

Be quick, limited group size.  $25 per person, cameras available.  Ages 9+
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Conditions and acceptance of booking - Please read

This completed registration form and payment must be received together ie complete and send the registration form and make any payment required online so that we receive notifications of booking together. If any payment is not received within 3 days of the booking form we reserve the right to not allocate a space for you. The workshop will run from the dates and times indicated. Timetable and details will be emailed prior to the workshop. Some workshops may vary due to numbers and weather conditions.

Waiver: I Parent/caregiver herby agree to my child / children partaking in the daily workshop. I accept that Foto iwi will not be liable for any harm or injury that child / children may incur, but understand that they will endeavour to provide a safe, positive environment where risks are minimised and quality experiences are maximised.
I accept responsibility for notifying Foto iwi of any medical conditions my child / children may have and how to administer medication when required. I accept responsibility for notifying Foto iwi of any changes to be made to the information supplied prior to and during the programme including changes of attendance. I accept that if any photographs are taken of my child / children they are to be solely used for promotional purposes .
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